Sunday, 8 February 2015

Get off my lawn

I turned my blog back on this morning.  Good for me.  

A ground rule: If you care to comment it has to be somewhat positive or encouraging or please don't bother I will only delete it and block you

This is not a place for dialogue, its my monologue  Please leave if you have issues with that and refrain from bothering me about it. Your views have NO place in my blog. 

We had over 20 calls yesterday that went to voicemail leaving full messages of silence.  This has been going on since last June.  We are going to cut the phone off.  

Had to make choices this week about what to pay and what not to pay.  Cable internet turn.  Probably will not have internet for a week or three.  No problem.  I will be back when I can.  

I could not possibly be more discouraged about shit.